We know that as a business owner and entrepreneur, your time is precious. We understand that you’d prefer to be spending your time growing your business, rather than working on your business. Integrating payments with your accounting is the perfect way to take away those administrative, menial business tasks and instead turn your focus back to business strategy. Xero Cloud Accounting is one of our favourite timesaving business solutions. You can shave hours off administrative tasks and save cash by automating much of your bookkeeping with Xero. And to make your life even easier, when you integrate IntegraPay with Xero, you can boost your cash flow too!


Here are five ways to rev up your cash flow with Xero and IntegraPay.


1. Get Paid On Time



Integrapay and Xero are always on your side. With us, your customers can pay immediately, directly from their invoice.  With a simple touch on the “Pay Now” button on any invoice, customers can launch a payment from their bank account or credit card, straight to you.  Your customers can even choose a default account from which to send future payments to your company.


That level of simplicity means you’re getting paid on time.  And that’s a beautiful business solution.


2. Set Up Recurring Invoices



If you invoice your customers month after month with items or services like rental invoices, retainer fees or subscriptions, then your life will change for the better with the Repeating Invoices feature in Xero, powered by IntegraPay.  If you invoice your customers month after month with items or services like rental invoices, retainer fees or subscriptions, then your life will change for the better with the Repeating Invoices feature in Xero, powered by IntegraPay.


You’ll be able to create and email invoices to your customers on time and have your payments come rolling in.  Just set and forget.


3. Give Your Customers Payment Choices



Everyone knows that if you’re given a range of options to complete a task, you’re more likely to action it. And it’s the same with customers making payments.  Options are the gateway to convenience; if you provide customers with more options, they’re more likely to make the payment on time.   The IntegraPay Xero Add-on brings together all the most popular payment methods, which we’ve packaged up into a neat bundle. Your customers can choose to pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or bank deposit. Having a comprehensive suite of payment methods for your invoices means your customers are happy and you’ll get paid sooner.


And for the first time, you can now include BPAY as a payment option.  As a BPAY ‘Master Biller’, IntegraPay allows you to take advantage of the benefits of BPAY – Australia’s most popular online bill payment service – without the administrative complexity and costs associated with signing-up for a Biller Code yourself.   Our technology automatically generates a linked Biller Code and payment reference number for each invoice you send to ensure the payment can be automatically reconciled.


Thanks to IntegraPay, your customers can now enjoy the speed and convenience of BPAY, without having to enter credit card or bank account details – this means you get all the convenience, rewards, benefits and security that BPAY offers.


4. Include Surcharges on Payments



You want to offer all of those payment options but not swallow the charges? No problem.  With IntegraPay, you can choose to add any transaction fee to your customer’s invoices and payments.  So, when your customer goes to pay their invoice, the transaction charges are added to the invoice (if you choose this option) meaning you get a healthy bottom line!


5. Automatically Reconciled Payments



If you’re currently collecting your payments by direct deposit, you’ll find this is super time consuming and riddled with the risk of making errors.  But, if you choose to bolt on IntegraPay to your Xero solution, this work is all done for you.  The system automatically reconciles payments with your invoices in Xero to reduce manual data entry and administrative costs.  And you have the added benefit of removing the risk of reconciling a payment with the wrong invoice.


Xero Payments Made Easy With IntegraPay



IntegraPay’s forward thinking payment technology and industry-leading service has made receiving Xero payments safer, easier and faster than ever. When developing our Add-on for Xero’s accounting software, we wanted to keep it simple. But at the same time, we had to ensure your customers had access to more than just the basics.  Take a look at the IntegraPay-Xero Add-on featuresthat will dramatically enhance your invoicing and payment processing.


You can:

  • Receive payments using credit card, BPAY or bank account
  • Set-up a direct debit for recurring invoices
  • Receive BPAY payments securely, without the hassle of signing up for your own Biller Code
  • Automatically reconcile payments are in Xero
  • Include surcharges for credit cards
  • Get set-up within 48 hours with ongoing local phone support for any issues.


Putting your payments in the hands of IntegraPay means you’re with a global integrated payments technology company that processes more than half a billion dollars of payments every year.  We provide subscription, recurring and eCommerce payment solutions for a range of business management software. With IntegraPay as your payments partner, you have access to our certified PCI DSS compliant solutions, backed by our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), giving you the peace of mind that your data and your customer’s data is secure.

Ready to rev up your cash flow with Xero and Integrapay? Get started now at IntegraPay.