Business marketing can take up a lot of your resources, especially if you have to handle these processes manually. Whether you’re trying to get through these tasks yourself or you delegate them to other employees, automation gives you the tools you need to work smarter.



Get more eyes on your company and your products by automating parts of the attraction stage. For example, you can use a social media scheduling tool to create posts in advance, analyze the best times to publish your updates and discover the content that drives the highest engagement on your page.



Use a lead generation tool to automatically guide visitors through your sales funnel. You can set up a landing page that features a series of pages to educate visitors about your product category, specific items you sell or your company in general. You can also include a form that collects information so you can stay in touch with the prospect. Although basic lead generation forms collect names and emails, they might not be enough if you require a specialized set of data for your industry.



Many people need to familiarize themselves with your company before they decide to do business with you. Nurturing these leads is an important part of getting them to eventually become your customers.
A drip email marketing tool gives you the option to set up a pre-built email series that automatically goes out to these prospects. You can set up multiple email series based on the content they engage with and their actions.



Drive prospects to home base when you use personalization tools and put together an offer that’s perfectly suited to their needs. A personalized recommendation gives them relevant products and solutions based on all the data you have available.



You can set automated follow-ups through your customer relationship management tool or email marketing solution. Find out whether everything is correct with their order upon delivery, or send a message after they reach out to customer service. This proactive approach helps improve customer loyalty and retention.
Automating key marketing processes is necessary if you want to put your company on an upward path for growth. You don’t need to implement all of these recommendations if it seems like a lot. Instead, start off with one or two to discover which ones are right for your business.