When you run a business and you want to grow it, it’s essential for you to grow your customer base. Bringing in more customers doesn’t only generate more revenue, it also gives you a resource to serve as a brand ambassador or word-of-mouth marketer for your company. While you may provide an excellent product or service, getting customers also requires marketing and outreach techniques—and keeping those customers can require extra effort as well. If you run a business and you’re looking to bring in and retain more customers, here are 3 helpful techniques.

Know Your Best Customers

If you want to appeal to the people that will buy from you, you need to get to know them. To do that, start by creating audience personas. Make in-depth profiles of the people you’re trying to attract. Don’t just write don’t demographics. Think about who these people are: how they spend their time, what they like to do, their dislikes, their goals, fears, etc. Create in-depth audience personas, and then you can tailor your marketing materials to ensure you’re speaking in a way that appeals to the people you need to be appealing to. Knowing your customers well can also ensure that you’re providing the right services and products, or whether you should shift your focus.

Listen to Your Customers

Listening to customer feedback is more important than ever these days. We live in an on-demand, personal world, where people want to feel that their preferences and opinions are heard and accounted for. Make sure you keep channels of communication open for customers. This means you should have a well-trained, responsive customer support team; you should have social media profiles that you are active and engaged with; and you should be receptive and empathetic when you receive feedback from the people who are doing business with you. Listening to your customers makes them feel valued, and it ensures you’re doing business in a way that pleases the people buying.

Make a Plan to get new Customers

You can’t just wing a growth strategy. Instead, make a plan to bring in new leads. A plan for getting new customers should include marketing techniques, social media strategies, and a focus on perfecting what you offer. Set target goals for numbers of new customers, then try to make sure you reach those goals. By laying out a plan, you can make steady, productive, tangible growth in your customer base and ensure your business is thriving.