With all of the apps and various software programs that are available today, it can be difficult to determine which are really necessary and which just clutter the learning environment. That’s why we put together a short list of the top three pieces of software we believe every child care centre must have across administration, entertainment, and payments.


Booking and Administration

Daycare centres should have a booking and administration software program that they integrate with their daily interactions. One of the best is Xplor, which automates administrative tasks so educators and parents focus on the child’s learning. Attendance is taken digitally. Administrators can set up rostering and billing through the program.

They can create contracts and store them on the platform. They can also keep records up-to-date, including medical records and observation records. Parents can use the software to observe their child live and make convenient bookings. There are also options to upload pictures and videos so parents can view their child’s progress. Educators can also use the platform to plan lessons and the day.

Xero is a good complement to this program. It provides bookkeeping and accounting functions for small businesses. Online accounting can be complete. Data is protected through security measures, and data is up-to-date and reliable.


Entertainment and Education

It is critical that early childhood education teachers have good content to share with babies, toddlers and preschoolers. The Dave & Ava website is full of content for different developmental levels. It also provides content to help teach bilingualism. You can also use the special education resources available on this platform. A number of devices can use the program. It can also be used offline.

In addition to education materials, the program also offers endless hours of entertainment for children. It provides videos and songs to help children interact with each other as well as to calm down by naptime.


Payment Processing

If you already have a booking platform outside of Xplor and you still need a payment solution, IntegraPay could be right for you. IntegraPay allows you to set up recurring payments so that you can easily bill parents based on your payment terms, such as weekly, monthly or every other week. Parents’ accounts are automatically debited based on your schedule.