When you’re past the introductory stage of a startup business and are ready to grow, it’s time to explore how to expand your business. While there are many ways to get this done, you want to use your time wisely with impactful methods. Here are three powerful methods to grow your business.


Expand Your Marketing Mix


Today, everyone is online, and people are utilizing their mobile devices more than ever before. This includes virtually anything. From paying bills with service providers that accept credit cards online to researching products while in a store. That’s why expanding your business online via digital and content marketing is key. You’ll benefit by attracting new customers and establishing trust. When you position your business as an authority, you can build a prominent online reputation. You reach prospects by frequent communication. Post blog articles, share video content of product demonstrations via social media, or even guest blog on other leading industry-specific websites. You can even expand the blog content into courses or ebooks.

While including digital content in your marketing mix is vital to growing your business, it’s also important to remember provide valuable and relevant content to your target audience. Today’s online audiences have attention spans shorter than goldfish, and competition to get it is fierce. Therefore, it’s equally important to provide content that your potential customers want and need.


Optimize Your Sales Funnel to Expand Your Business


Focusing on sales is one of the fastest ways to expand your business because it opens up doors for new opportunities, including the chance to meet and convert prospective customers. You can get this done by optimizing your sales funnel. Start by avoiding simply mentioning your product or service to your prospect and educate them, instead. It’s not enough to know the product or service that you’re offering. You have to move your prospective client or customer down the sales funnel.

Help them gain an understanding that your service or product is a solution to resolve an issue they may have. When you educate them first, they can become aware of your product or service without feeling pressured to immediately make a purchase. This requires delivering relevant content that can help guide them in regard to what you’re offering. You can then help them move down the sales funnel by taking actionable steps to create engagement and consideration of your services or products, which will eventually lead to conversion.

This may mean “showing up” in places they hang out online, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or other social media platforms. Create personalized content via webinars and produce an email newsletter with valuable content that prospective clients can use. By optimizing your sales funnel, you can drive prospects in the right direction, converting them to customers and helping expand your business.


Provide the Best Customer Experience Around


Your customers are at the core of your business because their purchases directly affect your revenue. If their options to make payments are complicated, you can diminish your chances of making a sale, gaining their loyalty and expand your business. However, you can provide them with the best customer experience by offering the right tools. This includes offering seamless payments, such as automated or recurring payments, that make sending and receiving payments better and faster for both you and your customers. By including the right tools, you can create an enhanced customer experience and keep customers coming back for more.


Building Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Exhausting


Expanding your business doesn’t have to be an exhausting experience. You can get started by putting key steps into action. Offer the best customer experience with seamless payments or offer relevant content via webinars with content marketing. By taking these simple steps, you will be on the way to expanding your business.